Tragedy at Power Station in Andhra Pradesh as Lift Cable Snaps, Killing Two Contract Workers from Jharkhand

Andhra Pradesh: On Saturday, tragedy struck at the Dr Narla Tatarao Thermal Power station located in the Ibrahimpatnam area of Vijayawada district, Andhra Pradesh, as two contract workers from Jharkhand lost their lives due to a lift cable snapping.

According to sources, the incident occurred at 8:45 AM when the lift suddenly got stuck with several workers onboard. Although 18 workers were able to escape the elevator, two workers remained trapped inside when the lift wires gave way, causing it to plummet from a height of approximately 70 meters. The two laborers tragically lost their lives on the spot.

The deceased have been identified as Chotu Jeetendra Singh, both of whom were contract workers from Jharkhand. The bodies have since been moved to VTPS board hospital.

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