Tragic Incident in West Delhi: Nine-Year-Old Boy Dies After Getting Stuck in Elevator Shaft

A heartbreaking incident occurred on Friday morning in west Delhi’s Vikaspuri, where a nine-year-old boy named Ashish lost his life after getting stuck between the elevator and the shaft of a four-storey residential building. This tragedy has left the entire community in shock.

The Incident

Ashish accompanied his mother to the building to collect clothes from various houses. While his mother used the stairs to go to each house, Ashish decided to take the elevator. Unfortunately, he got stuck in the elevator’s safety wooden door.

His mother and grandmother found him trapped and immediately raised an alarm, but despite the rescue efforts of local residents and an expert from the private company given the annual maintenance contract to maintain the elevator, Ashish remained trapped for nearly half an hour. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The lift where the boy was stuck. (Image source :Hindustan Times )

Possible Cause of the Incident

According to the police, the elevator may have malfunctioned due to a technical issue. The police have registered a case of negligent conduct with respect to machinery and death by negligence against unknown persons under sections 287 and 304A of Indian Penal Code at the Vikaspuri police station.

The Delhi government’s labour department inspected the elevator on Tuesday, and the police are checking documents related to the elevator, including its validity and license.

Family’s Grief

Ashish’s family, originally from Rajasthan’s Alwar district, has been shattered by the tragedy. Ashish’s father Ramesh said that his son was recently promoted to class 4, and his classes were to resume in the first week of April.

Despite their low income, they gave their best for his education and wanted him to become a government officer. The family is in mourning and struggling to come to terms with the tragedy.

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